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Leather is a living material that needs to be cared for. Discover ERRO's care tips to preserve the sumptuous texture of your piece.

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Leather care

Leather is a living, authentic material. The irregularities of its skin bear witness to this. Over time, its hue evolves, it develops a patina and can stain. Frequent care helps protect it over the long term.

At ERRO, we use smooth leather (vegetable tanned) and grained leather (mineral tanned) to make our leather goods. These high-quality leathers come from LWG Gold and Silver certified tanneries in Italy and Spain respectively. This standard guarantees environmentally-friendly production and a strong social commitment. Our products are long-lasting, and it is essential to preserve the material so that they can last for generations.

Cleaning leather

Start by dusting your leather piece using a soft cloth. To clean the material, use a glycerine soap (or a soap suitable for leather) with a slightly damp cloth, using light circular movements. Leave to dry for a few hours, avoiding direct sunlight.

Nourishing leather

To maintain the shine and color of leather, it must be regularly nourished. Apply a nourishing cream with a soft cloth (or a glove glove) over the entire piece and massage gently. Leave to dry naturally in the open air, and repeat the operation regularly.

Preserving leather

To preserve leather over the long term, it's essential to follow good care practices and avoid certain mistakes.

  • Avoid leaving your leather goods exposed to direct sunlight or heat for prolonged periods. Excessive heat can cause the leather to dry out and crack.
  • Remember to empty your bag regularly to avoid overloading it, as this prevents the leather from deforming.
  • Be careful not to put your leather garment in the washing machine or tumble dryer. Machine or tumble drying will completely deform the material, rendering your piece unusable.
  • Avoid soaking your leather piece in water or letting it get wet after it has rained. Excess water can cause stains and deformation.
  • Avoid excessive friction and abrasive materials (brushes, sponges, etc.). This will cause premature wear of the leather, stains and tears.
  • Be sure to use products that are suitable for leather and colorless. The use of unsuitable chemical products can lead to wear, stains and cracks, as well as altering the color and texture of the leather.
  • Store your leather goods in their pouch when not in use.

Use the maintenance kit BORDA to clean and nourish your leather goods.

All ERRO bags are eco-designed and repairable for life. Each part has been assembled in such a way as to allow disassembly and reassembly in the event of breakage or wear. Contact our customer service for further information.