2023 - mixed material bags

ERRO x Venitz Biarritz

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Two Basque brands combine their know-how to create ethical and unique pieces.

We wanted to join forces in a virtuous collaboration that reflects the strong values we share. This collaboration brings together the finesse of handcrafted leather goods and the elegance of high-end fabrics to create a responsible and original capsule collection. ERRO x Venitz Biarritz bags will be available in a very limited edition of 20 pieces from July 1, 2023.

Shared values and a strong ambition

ERRO has teamed up with Venitz Biarritz, a pioneering brand in the upcycling of fabrics from Haute Couture offcuts. Together, we are committed to selecting quality materials and transforming them into timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. Together, we aim to redefine fashion standards by focusing on unique, sustainable creations that help preserve our planet.

The iconic Sara bag revisited in a mix of materials

We are committed to creating long-lasting, high-quality pieces. Sharing our know-how gives rise to unique and singular pieces. We have chosen to dress the flap of the emblematic Sara bag with fabric scraps from the dormant stocks of major fashion houses. Four bag colors are combined with matching, harmonious fabrics

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The history of Venitz Biarritz

The Venitz Biarritz eco-friendly fashion brand was born of a love affair, shared values and an inspiring journey.

Morgane, a 37-year-old dressmaker, worked for 14 years in the ateliers of the prestigious Chanel fashion house in Paris. Rudy, a 43-year-old business development specialist in sports and eco-responsible fashion, worked in this field for 16 years. After meeting at first sight and vacationing in California at the end of October 2019, they decided to build a project based on their shared values. Their experiences and their need to reduce ecological impact and over-consumption in the fashion industry led them to create Venitz Biarritz.

It was in March 2020 that Venitz was born, with the mission of valorizing dormant textiles from Haute Couture Houses. Giving a second life to fabric scraps, Morgane meticulously assembles vintage, second-hand and unsold pieces. Hand-crafted in her Biarritz workshop, these unique pieces are not only noble and desirable, but also reflect haute couture savoir-faire.

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