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URSOA Moka braided belt

The URSOA Moka brown leather braided belt is an original model distinguished by its rounded buckle and interlaced details. It's a mixed model, for men and women.

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URSOA Moka braided belt

URSOA Moka braided leather belt

Moka [brown] color
Made in France in the Basque Country
LWG-certified leathers

- Sizes from 75 to 110 cm
- Width: 2.5 cm
- Mixed model: Men, Women
- Rounded buckle


The braided belt takes its name from the charming Ursoa hill, in the background of the rich architectural heritage of the commune of Ossès. The braided links, called brédies in equestrian vocabulary, are a nod to the riding reins we used to see as children in the family workshop.

Maintenance / Advice
Advice / Maintenance

To care for your URSOA Moka leather braided belt, here are a few tips:

- Dust your room regularly using a soft cloth.
- For cleaning, use a damp sponge with suitable soapy water, then rinse and leave to dry.
- Moisturize leather regularly (once or twice a year) with a nourishing cream, using a glove or soft cloth. Apply a thin layer, rub in and buff.

We recommend our BORDA care kit, which includes a glycerine soap, a nourishing cream and a soft brushed sheep's wool glove. These products will help you preserve the color and texture of your leather in optimum condition.

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