Our craftsmanship

Saddlery expertise has been part of our heritage and family history for over forty years.

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We wanted to pay tribute to our saddlery heritage in the design and manufacture of our leather goods.

From design to conception, all our models are carefully crafted in our family workshop in Itxassou, France.

All stages of the manufacturing process respect traditional craftsmanship and are carried out by passionate saddlery and leatherwork craftsmen. Each creation is the fruit of work that takes up the codes of traditional saddlery with a touch of modernity. These ancestral techniques preserve the heritage of French craftsmanship.

As saddlers, we are constantly on the lookout for the perfect balance between comfort, strength and beauty. To achieve this, we pay particular attention to the relationship between the object and the body. Obsessed by the notion of comfort, we are accustomed to working the pieces in such a way that they adapt perfectly to the curves of the horse and rider. It's this eye that we've come to apply to ERRO.


As a noble material, we want to pay homage to it while incorporating it into a contemporary, up-to-date approach.

Leather experts, we carefully select them for their durability and hand, which we want to be both natural and reassuring. Although controversial, we remain convinced that it remains the most sustainable option today, and the one most aligned with our commitments to sustainability and proximity. We carefully select each and every hide we use, sourcing exclusively from suppliers who share our values of social and environmental responsibility.
We attach great importance to certifications that attest to their ethical and responsible commitment. The bovine leathers we use are from the food industry, sourced in Italy and Spain, and certified Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold and Silver respectively. An ERRO signature, all our bags combine smooth leather (vegetable-tanned) and grained leather (mineral-tanned). Selected for their quality, they will patina beautifully over time, bringing a unique touch to your pieces.

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Leather goods workshop Pays Basque
Sensory workshops

To discover or to offer, a moment of creativity and exception, to rediscover the pride of making something yourself. Guided by experts in the field, this privileged experience enables everyone to discover sewing techniques and the steps involved in making a leather object, and then to create their own leather goods by hand.